Tito Medina
Latin and Maya Music with social content
TITO MEDINA, Guatemala 1957, is a Singer-Songwriter and an icon for Guatemalan revolutionary music. His voice and musical work started to emerge during the national protests the early 70s on the streets of Guatemala City, rapidly Tito was touring his native Guatemala with his bands Camino and Grupo Taller, then with the Estudiantina of the University of San Carlos and later with Kin-Lalat Revolutionary Music Ensemble. Freedom, equality, hope, love and consensus have been Tito inspirations across the time. His melodic and passionate voice has been a flag for justice in his native country and in solidarity with peace movements worldwide. Tito has shared his musical work with numerous audiences in Central America, Mexico, USA, Cuba, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and coast to coast in Canada. A singer, a dreamer, an entertainer you won't forget...

Contact Information
Email : titomedinamusic@yahoo.ca
Phone : (613) 240-4322
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
facebook: Tito Medina